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"GOOGLEGOGOL (ГУГОЛЬГОГОЛЬ): Stories from the Data Base of Russian Literature, Inc." NEW BOOK BY U.R.BOWIE

Series: The Collected Works of U.R. Bowie, Volume Nine
Ogee Zakamora Publications, 2016

Copyright © 2016 by Robert Lee Bowie
            All Rights Reserved

ISBN-13: 978-1534676961
ISBN-10: 1534676961

Cover image: Detail from base of statue, monument to Ivan Krylov, St. Petersburg, Russia, photograph by Alexsey Sergeev

Да косолапый Мишка
Затеяли сыграть квартет.

Cover design by Christy Sanford


All the stories in this collection come, in one degree or another, out of the grand tradition of Russian literature. Some have direct connections (stylistically, thematically, or biographically) with certain prose writers: (1) “The Death of Ivan Lvovich, ” Lev Tolstoy and Ivan Bunin; (2) “Running Thoughts,” Tolstoy; (3) “Shoes Run Amuck,” Nikolai Gogol and Mikhail Bulgakov; (4) “The Lady from Berdichev” and “Divertimento for Strings and Structure,” Anton Chekhov; (5) “Hobnob,” Vladimir Nabokov; (6) “Man Beating Man Beating Horse,” “Something in the Way of a Parricide,” and “Executed (Almost),” Fyodor Dostoevsky.

As the title suggests, the entire collection has been refracted through the head of that quintessential deranged genius of Russian literature—the man about whom the critic D.S. Mirsky once wrote the following:
            “If mere creative force is to be the standard of valuation, Gogol is the greatest of Russian writers. In this respect he need hardly fear comparison with Shakespeare, and can boldly stand by the side of Rabelais. Neither Pushkin nor Tolstoy possessed anything like that volcano of imaginative creativeness.”

Recruiting (Набор)                                                                  
           The Death of Ivan Lvovich (Смерти нету)                              
           Man Beating Man Beating Horse (Бьет Россия, бьет)
           The Lady from Berdichev (Дама из Бердичева)                  
Running Thoughts (Бегство)                                                    
           Something in the Way of a Parricide (Отцеубийство?)       
The Riddle of the Duck (Уткина загадка)                               
Shoes Run Amuck (Башмаки вдребезги)                               
Divertimento for Strings and Structure (Дивертисмент)          
           Hobnob (Междусобойчик)                                                   
           Executed (Almost) (Приглашение на почти)                        
           Anteayer (Позавчера)                                                
           Chimeras (Химеры)                                                               

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